Dank & Co. Made a Glow in the Dark Sneaker That Uses an Adidas Model

 - Aug 6, 2016
References: instagram & hypebeast
Dank & Co., a popular custom footwear company, recently set its sights on the adidas Ultra Boosts, transforming the modular style into a fresh glow in the dark sneaker.

In order to create the custom Ultra Boosts, Dank & Co. covered adidas' comfortable model in a unique fabric that responds immensely to a lack of light. When shown regularly however, the glow in the dark sneakers have a lightly colored all-over lime look, with the exception of the interior, laces and soles which are white.

The Ultra Boost name can be seen near the heel of the shoes on the green upper and the sleek construction of the sneakers allows the fabric to illuminate the feel without interruption. With this, the wearer's feet are completely taken over by the nuclear green glow when in total darkness.