The Globe Hedron Dome Can Feed a Family of Four for One Year

 - May 15, 2012
References: indiegogo & gizmag
Truly sustainable food production is embodied in this modular, dinner-providing Globe Hedron dome.

Created as a collaboration between Urban Farmers AG and Antonio Scarponi, a designer from Conceptual Devices, the aquaponics center would ideally be constructed on a resident's roof where it would become the breeding ground for fresh, chemical-free seafood and water-based plants.

Aquaponics is a method of farming that combines growing aquatic plants and animals in a manner that uses nutrients from each species to nourish and sustain the other while filtering the water they inhabit at the same time. This means that homeowners could produce their own food supply in a manner that ensures food safety and cuts down tremendously on grocery bills.

The creators claim that one of these circular vessels can create enough vegetables, herbs and seafood to sustain a family of four for an entire year which, if true, would greatly reduce food shortages.