The GlassesOff App Reduces One's Need for Reading Glasses

 - Jun 7, 2016
The GlassesOff app aims to "eliminate dependency on reading glasses by enhancing the brain’s image processing function." Ideal for users with minor sight issues, this intuitive mobile platform can be personalized to fix various problems.

While GlassesOff doesn't reverse serious sight loss or damage, it is designed to effectively improve vision, especially among users that attribute sight issues to technology use or other unhealthy habits. The platform's easy-to-use program consists of comprehensive 12 minute sessions that are meant to be conducted three times per week.

Proven to boost vision after just two months, this mobile app aims to improve eye sight and reduce one's need for reading glasses. Some of the platform's most helpful features include vision exercises and tests that help to treat conditions like blurred vision, fatigue or eye strain.