Glassbook Magazine's Latest Story Tributes Marie Antoinette

Photographer Calope captures platinum haired beauty Sarah Karda for Glassbook magazine's "La Vie D'un Fleur" editorial exclusive.

The Push Management face is captured in a studio setting while channeling a modern version of French monarch Marie Antoinette. The model dons a wardrobe of couture gowns and statement accessories that are hand-picked by stylist Peter Fitt at Coup and Co.

Make-up for this series is courtesy of Brittany Sinclair who works alongside hair stylist Eduardo Mella to transform his model muse from a fresh-faced girl to an infamous monarch. Set designer Caitlin Doherty creates the backdrop for Glassbook magazine's "La View D'um Fleur" fashion story and looks to baroque and rococo art imagery for her visual inspiration.

Image Credit: Calope