This Cantilevered Glass Skywalk Offers Breathtaking Views

 - May 5, 2015
References: shanghaiist & gizmag
Visitors to the Longgang National Geological Park in Chongqing, China can now walk along a marvelous cantilevered glass skywalk that is the longest in the world. This walkway stretches out 26 meters into thin air and offers heart-stopping views of the surrounding landscape.

This glass skywalk offers both spectacular views of the national park as well as the heart-stopping thrill of standing on a glass skywalk 718 meters above the jagged rocks below. The view is as beautiful as it's terrifying. The cantilevered structure of the skywalk means that there's no apparent physical support.

This is the latest in an increasing field of walkways that are appearing in China but is probably the most spectacular one yet, as it offers views of unmatched beauty but only if you're ok with a rising heartbeat and sweaty palms.