This GLaDOS Sculpture is an Exact Likeness From the Portal Game

Every video game has its hero/heroine, and this 'GLaDOS' sculpture directly resembles the crazy, out of control 'Portal 2' villain. The sculpture is built with "multiple points of articulation and a light-up eye," giving it a life-like appearance. Created by Chris Hooton a.k.a. Sabertooth, the 'GLaDOS' sculpture is built to scale of the 'Chell' figurine by 'NECA.'

With the 'Chell' figurine being seven inches in height, you can imagine how big the 'GLaDOS' would be if it were created to life-size proportions. This 'GLaDOS' sculpture is an excellent addition to any video game enthusiast's collection. With it being a custom-made sculpture, the 'GLaDOS' would be a highly sought after item for collectors around the world.