Glacier End Table is the Collision of Natural and Artificial Design

 - Sep 3, 2012
References: gusmodern & blog.leibal
A lover of loosely organic design can still appreciate pieces of a more industrial persuasion. The Glacier End Table makes a powerful case.

From Gus* Modern, designer David Podsiadlo took formal inspiration from the monumental and majestic polar ice caps of northern Canada. A simplification of the shape to a beveled rectangular prism, the result is a minimalist block of metal with slightly sloping faces and a lengthy notch that's splintered out from one corner.

To mimic the aesthetic effect of frozen geographical features, the Glacier End Table exudes a diffusely reflective surface. Stainless steel of 16 gauge was used to sculpt the contemporary furnishing, boasting a constitution of 60% recycled material with additional respects paid to the planet.