George Stratigis Photographs a Greek Girls' Volleyball Team

 - Nov 28, 2014
References: stratigistudio.tumblr & c-heads
Photographer George Stratigis "couldn't resist" the idea of shooting a girls' volleyball team in Greece.

He was enamored by the girls' elegance, dynamism and athleticism, nothing that each of those "beautiful girls had a mission." The girls' individual missions coalesced to form a singular team goal: winning. You can see the determination and effort that each girl puts in, whether it's from her purposeful stride, steadfast expression or leap of faith into the air, going for an impossible spike.

The series captures the thriving energy and anticipation that is impossible not feel during a live sporting event. Though we, the viewers, are not in the sidelines, it's hard not to feel like getting up and cheering for these hard-working young ladies.