New Diesel Campaign

 - Oct 4, 2007
References: diesel & theverychronicles.blogspot
It is commonly felt that we are moving towards a future where technology rules the day and will make everyone's lives perfect. Sites like this one highlight our increasing fascination with technology and our prediction that it will change our lives for the better. This Diesel campaign takes a wry look at the imagined future and suggests otherwise. Maybe the technology will be better (or not, as the case may be), but where ever humans are involved, there will always be room for error. As their tag line states, we are only 'Human Afterall'.

Where there's transport, there are sure to be breakdowns. Do you really think that assembling an Ikea teleport cabinet 100 years from now will be any easier to put together than the KLIMPT desk you struggled with last year?

The campaign is also moving online with a series of viral videos that show that our relationship with technology may not be that different. One man stumbles out of his futuristic pod home to go to the pharmacy to buy condoms, but faces the crash of his voice recognition security door, leaving his hot date waiting inside. All the clips can be seen on YouTube, but here is one that shows how we may have to be cautious when using what will be no doubt be the latest iPhone in the year 2050.

This season has had a distinctly futuristic feel in the world of fashion, from a spectacular holographic fashion show, and the introduction of Diesel's Sister Yes shades that have integrated camera, phone, GPS maps, video playback... oh, and can see into the future! I kid you not...check out the shades.

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