The Ginkgo Floor-Seat is a Comfy Perch for Being in Touch with the Turf

 - Apr 16, 2013
The designer of the Ginkgo Floor-Seat went to Battery Park in New York City and counted the number of students that she saw. By her calculations, just over half of them opted to sprawl out on the grass, despite the presence of empty benches. Sehee Lim developed the Ginkgo Floor-Seat as a convenient and comfortable outdoor furnishing that would appeal to those who might prefer something in between.

The legless objects are placed directly on the lawn, keeping the sitter in close contact with the earth. The seat prevents dew and dirt from getting onto your rear end and a backrest provides extra support. Inspired by the fanning form of the Chinese deciduous leaf, the Ginkgo Floor-Seat is fairly flat, compact and easy to stack and store.