Gifmelter by Chris Shier Generates Hypnotic Visuals

 - Mar 14, 2013
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Making for a kaleidoscopic visual experience, the Gifmelter by Chris Shier allows users to virtually disintegrate graphic images.

There is no doubt that the GIF image has become part of Internet pop culture. The moving pictures are an integral facet of memes that can add extra amusement to the punchline of visual jests. Moreover, there has been a movement in the virtual world towards the utilization of micro blogging sites, such as Tumblr and by extension GIFs, for pushing boundaries in the fields of graphic design and art.

Gifmelter by Chris Shier showcases an excellent example of this web graphic experimentation. His pieces boast the aesthetic inventiveness that is often a characteristic of Internet art. This application is not only amusing, but stimulating with its visuals and interactive facet.