The FLYbi Drone Syncs to the Flyer's Head for Accurate Flying Control

 - Nov 11, 2015
References: myflybi & werd
The FLYbi device is a controlled gesture drone that uses the motions of the flyer's wrist to create an autonomous flying experience. Better yet, once the drone has fully taken off and is steady in the air the device switches to being controlled by the flyer's head movements for a more fluid gliding experience.

Drones are a popular commodity offering a seamless user experience that often pairs with gesture control so that the user's body directs the device. While most drones that have gesture control tend to use the arm or wrist to stir, the FLYBi drone goes one step further taking cues from the user's head movements on where to go. The drone is also coupled with a VR headset to give flyers a bird's eye view of the flying experience.