The 'WiSee' Gesture Control System Works Everywhere at Once

 - Jun 11, 2013
References: & bitrebels
Using your home's Wi-Fi signals, the 'WiSee' system reads your gestures to act as a remote control. Instead of requiring that you wear something or stand in front of the camera, WiSee just needs a nearby Wi-Fi signal.

Researchers at the University of Washington created the system to work with basic technology. The Internet router in your home right now could be transformed into a WiSee reader. This is because the WiSee works by leveraging wireless signals.

Since Wi-Fi signals bounce off your body, the discrepancies can be stored and interpreted. No matter where you are, small changes in the signal can be recognized as a pre-programmed gesture. A proof of concept was able to recognize nine gestures with a 94% accuracy rate.