Alyson Shotz's Geometry of Light is Made Up of Fresnel Lenses

 - Jun 9, 2012
References: & mymodernmet
The Geometry of Light art installation looks like it is made up of giant horizontal icicles. In reality, it is composed of hand-cut plastic Fresnel lenses that have been strung on stainless steel wires like a pretty pearl necklace. The lenses, which were originally developed for lighthouses, sparkle in the sunlight mesmerizingly.

Created by Alyson Shotz, an artist based in Brooklyn, New York, the Geometry of Light art installation explores the dual nature of light—that it has the characteristics of both a particle and a wave. Currently being exhibited at the Indianapolis Museum of Art until the new year, the artist reveals, "A visitor’s movement around Geometry of Light further activates the sculpture, revealing the ways in which our experience of space is shaped by our perception of light and motion."