Geneviève FT's Illustrated Women are Confident and Sensual

Artist Geneviève FT has loves drawing perky pin up girls, burlesque dances and curvy cartoons. She is an expert in animation, games, magazine illustrations and comics. Her playfully illustrated ladies come in various outfits and themes, from mermaids to 1920s film stars. They show just the right amount of skin to keep you guessing. Her women are sensual and classy.

She enjoys working with coloring pencils and paint. Her works are both colorful and black and white. Genevieve tries to produce a pin up girl calender every year with a different theme, and this year the theme is women from around the world.

It’s nice to see a portrayal of women that proves that a classy lady doesn't have to dress like a librarian; being sexy isn't what makes you beautiful.