The Portal Telemedicine Headset Makes General Healthcare More Efficient

 - Apr 19, 2016
References: gestaltdesign & tuvie
When it comes to general healthcare, various systems around the world are stressed because of lack of resources and overcrowding; the Portal Telemedicine Headset looks to solve this.

Allowing users to wear the headset and diagnose problems from the comfort of their own home, the Portal Telemedicine Headset decreases the instance of having to actually visit a doctor. Because the headset doesn't require users to actually go in and be checked out by doctors, it helps free up doctor time and rely more heavily on technological solutions.

The general healthcare system is radically inefficient in many locations around the world with many doctors being stretched beyond their means. The Portal Telemedicine Headset helps monitor vitals, diagnose problems and remotely connect with doctors for a chat.