Thom Browne's Fall Line Features Men in Pigtails in Sylvan Narnia

 - Jan 23, 2018
References: vogue
For the women's Spring 2018 collection, Thom Browne created a Guillermo Del Toro-styled universe and for the men's Fall 2018 collection, the narrative is presented in a gender-progressive fashion show. Inspired by Narnia and 'Tom Brown's Schooldays,' the catwalk was covered in white to communicate a mysterious wintry ambiance and featured a line of camp beds that divided the floor. Upon each bedding, there was a rolled-up sleeping bag.

All of the models sported Thom Browne apparel with rosy cheeks and pigtails that went down to the mid-chest level. As each outfit of the Fall 2018 collection was presented to the audience, one-by-one the models went to their designated sleeping bag, zipped in and fell into faux-sleep till the end of the gender-progressive fashion show. "Intarsia-imposed upon every down-filled sleeping bag was a slim-fitting gray Thom Browne suit." Backstage Thom Browne reveals the reason behind this: "the sleeping bag [is] the gray suit of the season."