Gen V

 - Aug 8, 2008
References: marketingvox
The word Generation X was invented by noted scholars Charles Hamblett and Jabe Deverson in 1965 and later became synonymous with the new breed of video literate, socially ambivalent teenagers who came into adulthood in the 80's.

The word also started a lineage of demographic terminologies. We got Gen Y, then Gen Z (as in Generation 0 aka "the Millennials"). Now there's a whole new demographic term that trumps them all -- Gen V.

It sounds like they are going backwards in the alphabet, but for good reason. The 'V' does not stand for Vendetta. It represents a new era of consumers that cannot be defined by age, gender, social class or geography. These are the consumers of the Virtual age. Yes that 'V' stands for Virtual.

Gen V consumers, according to a recent report by marketing firm Gartner, fall into four categories and are brought together by their increasing preference for the use of digital media channels to discover information, build knowledge and share insights. The breakdown is as follows:

THE CREATORS - 3% of total online population
THE CONTRIBUTORS - 7% (for fellow Trend Hunters, that's us)

Gen V will change the face of marketing as we know it, adapting to constantly changing technology platforms and new content genres.

BTW that photo is a 3D digital scan of Thom York's face from the new Radiohead video. Talk about new media..