The Geluleto

 - Jun 29, 2008
References: slipperybrick
Are you taking in pills regularly as part of a medication? If yes, it's a sure thing that you need to be updated always about the time of the day so you can take the pill on time. To add more wit and humor to that, why not have Gélule?

Gélule which means capsule in French is a pill shaped radio clock designed by Pascal Barde from Sequoia Studio. This new radio timepiece has a backlit LCD display plus an omni-directional speaker. It has a huge volume knob which you can rotate to adjust the volume. You can choose from the various colors of the pill shaped radio clock. (Maybe, you can pick the color of your favorite pill...)

With this thing by your side, you for sure will no longer have an excuse for forgetting to take your pill on time.

Another funny thing about this is that it goes to the contrary of pills. If some pills are used to put a person to sleep, this pill will be the one to wake you up. What do you think?

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