This Artist Turns Everyday Garbage into Gallery Pieces

Ghana-based artist Serge Attukwei Clottey is turning everyday garbage into stunning gallery pieces. While many artists experiment with using recycled objects in their artwork, Clottey's work features a deeper message about Ghanaian culture.

Clottey's artwork tells the story of ancestral voyages and the process of migration. Clottey explains that when his ancestors arrived in Accra, they traded items in discarded jerrycans. These jerrycans represent Ghana's history of trade and the process of using leftover materials for a new purpose. As Clottey explains, "my materials are what society has left behind, what people see as discarded." The process of turning trash into gallery pieces also evokes a deeper message about waste and the massive environmental implications of the jerrycans.

Clottye's artwork demonstrates how leftover materials can be used to convey larger messages about a country's past and present.