The Moveloot Platform Offers Buying, Pick up and Delivery

 - Nov 19, 2015
References: moveloot & fastcoexist
Move Loot is an online platform that simplifies the furniture selling process of getting rid of or picking up second-hand goods. The site is organized to help users filter through different selling ads to purchase goods and have the items delivered -- without having to pick anything up. This is ideal for consumers that are weary at the thought of interacting with strangers.

Unlike many online e-commerce platforms that also focus on reselling furniture items, Move Loot makes the interface very user focused by doing all the work. The site provides an easily searchable marketplace, simple purchase transactions and the convenience of performing the exchange. The site sends its workers to do the selling and heavy lifting making it incredibly easy, streamlined and safe to use. The site is ideal for finding used tables, couches and much more.