Sinuous Lines and Female Body-Inspired Furniture

 - Dec 28, 2008
References: dezeen
It is well known that inspiration for many things artistic comes from studying the female form. While there is no shortage of the ‘feminine mystique’ applied to all areas of advertising, there has certainly been a shift towards all things femme in the campaigns of furniture designers. 

While furniture design is an organic art, the use of women in seemingly arbitrary places is everywhere. Check out some of these pieces inspired in part by the female form below.

In order of appearance:

1. An apartment in Bucharest by AA studio.

2. For his Witches’ Kitchen collection, Tord Boontje uses a witch-like model.

3. Modeled after the human body, the His and Her chairs from Fabio Novembre for Casamania, honor both men and women.

4. French photographer and stylist Marianne Maric has a sense of humor in her "Girls dressed as lamps" collection.

5. Aussie T-shirt company Frost pushes the legal age boundary for their bamboo Fibre t-shirt.

6. Just exactly why the latex suit is necessary for the Aluminum Sofa By Xavier Lust, for Indera, we are not sure.

7. Marcel Wanders Wallpaper and his "Flying girl series."

8. Victor Vetterlein showcases his Meeraboo ST-1 side table with the interestingly garbed model.