These Funny Film Posters Prove That Sharks Make Movies Better

The Internet is always pumping out hilarious spoofs of the film industry and these funny film posters are definitely some of the best yet. The clever minds at the 'Sharks Make Movies Better’ Tumblr blog have created ingenious mashups of iconic films and the ever-popular movie villain, sharks.

Inspired by Sharknado and its incredible success—on the Internet that is— these funny film posters are exceptionally creative. Imagine how much better Titanic would have been if it had been called Sharktanic and instead of an iceberg sinking the iconic ship, it was actually just a vicious shark attack. I only have one criticism of these funny film posters—how did they miss turning The Shawshank Redemption into The Sharkshank Redemption, it literally writes itself! Regardless of the one tiny criticism, these funny film posters are a perfect representation of why the Internet is consistently "winning."