These Fun Paper Clips Will Make Work a Game

 - Dec 17, 2013
References: fancy
These fun paper clips are sure to liven up even the most dry paper work. Use these to hold your documents together and people will start taking notice of you. The bright colors scream fun and enthusiasm.

These fun paper clips are shaped like characters from the famous 80s video game ‘Pac Man.’ Although by today's standards, the game seems pretty basic, at the time it was revolutionary. ‘Pac Man’ ended up getting a sizably large fan base.

You played as Mr. Pac-Man, a little yellow head, as you work your way around a maze trying to eat all the colorful dots. You also had to watch out for the ghosts who were always around the bend and looking to find you.

The little yellow clip is Mr. Pac Man himself, and the other colorful clips are the ghosts, named Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.