Fulton A5 A1 Features Balcony Railings With Shifting Colors

 - Jun 21, 2017
References: bernard-buhler & archdaily
Iridescent glass is undeniably dazzling, and Fulton A5 A1, a new condo concept set to be built in Paris' 13th arrondissement, is making use of the spectacular material. Though color-shifting glass is more commonly found in exotic cars or futuristic art installations, Fulton A5 A1 will have the glass installed on the railings of all its balconies, helping it to stand apartment from the more traditional architecture that surrounds it.

Part of the appeal of the iridescent glass on Fulton A5 A1 is that it makes the condo buildings look completely different depending on one's perspective when viewing them. Across the Seine, they might look bright yellow, while from the angle of another apartment balcony in the complex, they could be deep blue. Indeed, as one circles the buildings, the railings can shift to any color on the spectrum.