This Fujitsu Tablet Lets Users Experience Real Textures

 - Mar 5, 2014
References: fujitsu & psfk
This Fujitsu tablet is giving users an experience that no other one the market has been able to replicate. This tablet will allow users to feel realistic textures through the screen.

For those who are wondering how a flat screen can replicate the feel of a 3D object, it's quite simple. The tablet uses Ultrasonic waves right above the screen, which affects the amount of friction on the tablet. So given the object on the screen, the tablet can adjust and give a realistic interpretation of the image, not only visually but physically as well.

The Fujitsu tablet is still being worked on and so far some of the aspects work better than others. According to someone from Re/Code, things like strumming a harp on the device are spot on.