Fuel Canister Vent Springs Sabotage Yellow Sac Spider Nests

 - Mar 5, 2011
References: blogs.wsj & money.cnn
Installing tiny fuel canister vent springs may keep poisonous spiders with a predilection for the smell of gas from causing Mazda sedans from becoming lethal. Mazda engineers proposed the innovative solution after yellow sac spiders were found inhabiting several Mazda fuel canister vents and creating the potential for deadly car fires or gas tank explosions.

Mazda mechanics will retrofit fuel canister vents with springs at no cost to car owners in order to prevent yellow sac spiders from obstructing pressurized fuel system lines with their nest blockades. Although some people rid their gas grills of spiders by using a blowtorch, it is not a recommended solution for Mazda owners. Fuel canister vent springs are a brilliant and a more prudent solution to the sinister dangers caused by the fuel-vent-loving arachnids.