These Tiny Fruit Pies are an Excellent Way to End a Holiday Meal

The 'Public Lives, Secret Recipes' blog recently published a recipe for making miniature fruit pies. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many people are looking forward to devouring a slice of delicious pumpkin pie. However, the popularity of pumpkin pie likely means that more than one person will show up to Thanksgiving dinner with the same dessert.

This recipe provides a delicious way to prevent your host from ending up with one too many pumpkin pies. Instead of pumpkin, this recipe involves filling a sweet pie crust with blueberries and cranberry sauce. The combination of two tart fruits cuts the sweetness of the pie and helps to balance the buttery pastry crust. The addition of cranberries also ensures that the dish pairs well with other Thanksgiving dishes.

The end result is a batch of tiny fruit pies that provide an unexpected way to finish off a Thanksgiving feast.