The Friggatto Structure Can Be Pushed Apart

Friggato is a wonderfully novel and cheeky project designed by Full Scale Studio to take advantage of a loophole in Swedish building permit laws. Rather than comprising a single, large structure that would require a pricey permit, the Friggatto structure comprises two small buildings, one of which (the Frigg) is set on wheels. The wheel-set building simply needs to be pushed a short distance away from its larger sibling (the Atto) once every six months in order to avoid requiring a permit.

When the Frigg is moved, it legally becomes a vehicle. However if it sits in the same position for more than six months at a time, it is technically a house. Therefore by moving it away from the Atto once every six months, the volume is rendered permit-free meaning no municipal fee is charged.

This is architectural innovation at its best, with the Friggato proving that architectural projects can be fun, functional and cost-saving at the same time.