This Machine Ensures That Fresh Meals are Accessible to Everyone

 - Oct 6, 2015
References: pantryretail & psfk
A California-based startup designed a modern vending machine that ensures that everyone has access to fresh meals. While the idea of grabbing food on the go is nothing new, traditional vending machines are stocked with unhealthy snacks such as chips, chocolate and soda. This startup aims to re-imagine the vending machine for the modern era by stocking it with fresh and healthy ingredients.

'Pantry' is a series of automated kiosks that provide consumers with fresh meals on the go. Similar to a traditional vending machine, users simply insert their debit or credit card to open the specially designed refrigerator. Once the individual has selected their meal of choice, the machine will charge accordingly. The idea behind Pantry is to give consumers 24-hour access to fresh and nutritious food.

The convenient fresh food kiosks are ideal for consumers who are searching for new ways to make healthy choices when pressed for time.