This French Burger was Inspired by French Cuisine and James Franco

 - Jan 13, 2015
This French burger incorporates several gourmet elements to give this stacked sandwich a francophone flair. Also an homage to actor James Franco, the James Francophile Burger from Pornburger does not include Seth Rogan (with or without his shirt).

The French burger features a grass-fed beef patty as well as pickled beets, melted gruyere de comté cheese, bone marrow and onion jam and a black truffle demi glaze. The whole thing is sandwiched in an oven-toasted cheese puff.

Described by food blogger Mathew Ramsey as a "bromantic stack of sophistication" that has "three degrees and a black belt in French kissing" -- a clear reference to James Franco's latest cinematic endeavors as well as his academic pursuits.