Freemode Events are a Revolutionary Change to Grand Theft Auto Online

 - Sep 11, 2015
References: rockstargames & autoblog
Grand Theft Auto recently announced the biggest change to GTA Online since Heists: Freemode Events. GTA Online Freemode Events are essentially challenges that can happen at any time and anywhere on the GTA Online map. Players can choose to participate, spectate or ignore each one of the Freemode Events as they happen.

In one challenge, called 'Hunt the Beast,' one player volunteers to be turned into a werewolf and is given superior strength and speed. As the title suggests, the other players then try to hunt down this transformed avatar. In another, players compete to keep their cars inside an ever-shrinking circle of space. Any player who is shoved out of the circle has nine seconds to get back in, or they lose the challenge.

The GTA Freemode Events are huge news for Grand Theft Auto players, who now have more collaborative and challenging ways to play.