Compares Mating Rituals in Humans and Animals

 - Nov 19, 2013
References: freedating & socialmediatoday
The ‘Animal Ardour’ infographic from shows some of the strange mating rituals animals have and how they compare to those of humans. The graphic is divided into two columns, with the animal examples on the left and scientific concepts on the right. A small color-coded dot is placed beside the animal's name to signify which animals make use of a particular scientific concept.

The concepts are fairly basic, including behaviors like like ‘Signaling,’ which is some sort of trait or behavior used to impress the opposite sex — like the male Manakin birds that perform "dance" moves to impress female Manakins.

The humorous infographic comes from and it will sure make online daters glad they’re in the dating game as a human and not a praying mantis.