Fredricks and Mae's Citronella Attracts People and Repels Mosquitoes

With summer in full swing, the season's most dreaded pests are in the air, but Fredericks and Mae's Citronella coils help to keep them away without having to sacrifice patio style. The natural mosquito repellent comes in coils that hang artfully from a sleek pole, keeping the biting insects away without forcing one's patio to look like a tiki lounge.

Citronella grass is native to southeast Asia, and its mosquito-repelling technologies are well-known around the world. Burning concentrated citronella is a reliable, natural way to keep the bugs at bay, but most methods make use of fiery torches that are both dangerous and silly-looking. Fredericks and Mae's Citronella coils burn for just as long as those torches do, with the tan and black small coil lasting approximately 36 hours and the black and black large coil lasting a whopping 150 hours.