FORWARD by Elyse Walker 'Material World' Stars Charlotte Carey

Putting a difference of race aside, it is undeniable that the looks featured throughout the FORWARD by Elyse Walker 'Material World' lookbook is inspired by none-other-than the Material Girl herself, Madonna. The rest of its title, 'That '90s Thing,' hones in on her most impressive era, both in reference to her music and fashion. From her short platinum blond locks to her feminine rocker outfits, model Charlotte Carey channels the icon's most iconic persona.

Shot by photographer Sara M Saric, the FORWARD by Elyse Walker 'Material World' lookbook exclusively showcases the resort collections of Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang and more. As written on the online retailer's website, the lookbook encourages women to "express [them]selves with the season's new opulence with attitude." The outfits are equal parts elegant and edgy.