Foresight & Trends

 - Nov 15, 2014
References: iirusa
It's been a day since the 2014 Foresight & Trends conference closed with an inventive (and hunger-inducing) talk by Brett Burmeister. Continuing with the progressive themes of each day (earlier on in the conference looking internally, then inspecting the present), the last day of Foresight & Trends was about looking forward.

Who better to address the future than Andreas Weigend, former Chief Scientist at Weigend sparked an insightful discussion on applications of social data. Focusing on social interaction and data derived from digital behavior, Weigend challenged the audience to ponder the possibility of having access to all the data in the world, and how they would apply it. Catherine Lovazzano of Chrysler kept in theme by inspecting the idea of persuasion and how it plays into technology with her seven principles of persuasion.

Armed with oodles of charisma and candy to boot, Lina Yang, Director of Hershey's Advanced Technology lab, followed up with her aptly titled talk 'Creating the Future.' Sharing her team's predictive process, Yang equipped her audience with the tools to become a 'Futurist' like herself. Foresight & Trends left its attendees inspired and able to inspire equal inventiveness within their separate teams.