The 'Prysma' Weather Forecast Clock Discourages Smartphone Use

 - Dec 27, 2015
References: & thegadgetflow
While the prevalence of smartphone technology has been a welcome addition to many lifestyles, some users feel too connected and crave a disconnect, so the 'Prysma' Weather Forecast Clock is designed to help eliminate the need for phone usage in the morning.

Featuring connective technology that automatically detects the time, date and forecast via radio frequency, the 'Prysma' Weather Forecast Clock enables users to simply look at the clock rather than have to immediately reach for their phone. The clock also features projection technology, which further removes the connection for easier interpretation of content.

The 'Prysma' Weather Forecast Clock helps to disconnect to promote rest in the bedroom, but provides vital information to effectively keep users informed while remaining removed from their smartphones.