Ayako Fudamoto Creates Animals Using Asian Fake Food Samples

 - Mar 18, 2016
References: kansaiartbeat & spoon-tamago
Fake food samples are a popular method of presentation in Asian restaurants, as a way for the eatery to display what the meals on the menu look like for consumers to see. Artist Ayako Fudamoto utilizes the faux food plates as the main material in her artwork as a way to comment on the food industry and its treatment of animals. The sculpture dubbed 'Beef or Beef' features a sculpture of a white cow emerging from a wall made from popular Asian food sample plates.

Fudamoto's artwork offers a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the fast food consumers enjoy with her recreation of a cow made from ceramic dishes depicting popular Asian cuisine such as soups, fried meats and stir fries. The front leg of the cow is recreated using the sample dishes, prompting the viewer to think about where the meat used in their food originates from.