Marie Kondo's Organizational Tutorial Ensures Clutter-Free Drawers

 - Feb 14, 2017
References: youtube
Best-selling Japanese author Marie Kondo's folding tutorial ensures one's drawers are clutter-free and is based on her famed KonMari organizational method. This method centers around minimalism and meaningfulness and is all about organizing different aspects of readers' lives, all while cleansing one's mind.

With a philosophy centered around items and lifestyle choices that spark happiness and joy, the author applies this same belief to her folding tutorial that showcases the secret tips and tricks for tidy drawers.

Ideal for those leading a busy lifestyle -- with little time to keep their home looking pristine at all times -- the tutorial centers around clothing items as well as accessories like socks and undergarments. The video outlines the dos and don'ts to successful home organization and is a step-by-step guide for those looking to de-clutter their life.