Alisios' Fog Water is Harvested from Clouds of the Canary Island Mountains

 - Oct 11, 2014
References: aguadeniebla & packagingoftheworld
Alisios' Canary Mist Fog Water is collected by "trapping" clouds high above the Canary Islands and pulling potable water from them in a fresh and sustainable way.

Although it seems like an elaborate and extensive project to go out and collect water from clouds, it's an ecological endeavor since there is no energy that is needed to collect this drinkable water, nor does any waste come from the process. Since the water is collected from a high level, gravity does most of the work at bringing the water back to ground level, so no pumping systems are required. Alisios calls its collection stations 'Hydric Gardens,' which double as emergency reserves if a drought or a fire should occur.

In keeping with the cloudy concept, the design of the Canary Mist Fog Water bottles highlight purity and clarity.