Floyd Hayes Shows Perspective Employers He May Have a Tiny Head but Big Ideas

 - Feb 25, 2013
References: geek & dvice
From card stock to elastic bands and everything in between, business cards have become less mediocre and more creative with each passing year; 2013 is looking just as promising thanks to Floyd Hayes. Floyd Hayes has created a tiny 3D-printed version of his head to give to prospective clients and employers. Although described as more of a resume than a business card, the lack of written credentials makes it better as a brief first impression.

Placed in a plastic container with the phrase, 'Tiny head, big ideas,' emblazoned across it, Floyd Hayes' business card/resume is very eye-catching, which is extremely important during the tough economic times the world is currently suffering through. Created at the New York Makerbot store, Floyd Hayes shouldn't have any trouble penetrating this job market, that's for sure.