Kids Destroying the Home with a Flour Avalanche Gains 1 Million Views

 - Nov 23, 2011
References: youtube & youtube
Humor is taking a mean twist as seen with this Flour Avalanche video induced by little kids that inundate almost the whole house much to the mother's chagrin. You can't help but want to laugh as you hear her shock and patience snowball to more and more extreme levels. As she walks -- or rather, skis around her powder-covered home, you feel small amounts of pity, especially since she's near to the point of throwing up. Don't fret, though, your pity is shared by almost 1 million other viewers of this viral vid.

It's interesting to see the direction of child-based viral videos. What started off as internauts loving to see babies smile and giggle has shifted to a rise in laughing at troublesome or crying kids. People are getting a mean laugh out of seeing children misbehave and sometimes, cry; this time, however, the joke's on the parents. Major applause should go out for most patient mother of the year though for enduring the attack of the flour avalanche.