The FloodHopper Should Become a Standard Household Item in Innondated Areas

 - Jul 12, 2012
References: tuvie
It boils down to an economic issue in many parts of the world, sure, but if where many homes have private bunkers, then others should at least be equipped with a FloodHopper lifeboat, in areas where high water is a common occurrence.

With flood rescue missions around the globe costing astronomical amounts of money, an investment could be made in these life rafts, providing the victims of such natural disasters with the tools to assist themselves. James Barford's concept proposes a blow-up rowboat that can be compactly stored within a closet and quickly set up at the onset of a flash flood.

A compressed air canister can fill the FloodHopper up instantly and right within the home. The two-person life boat is narrow enough to fit through doorways and down stairwells so that people can board off of their steps to avoid getting wet at all. Once on open water, neighboring rafts can be linked together to make rescue efforts easier.