Flocking Telephones, Nesting Globes and Shivering Lights

 - Dec 10, 2008   Updated: Jun 9 2011
References: runeguneriussen.no & shapeandcolour.wordpress
Absolutely brilliant and totally different to anything I have seen before. To illustrate that objects can take on the animalistic instinct to form groups, herds or flocks, artist Rune Guneriussen created a photo project using ordinary household objects.

I love the world globes nestled on the rocks as if nesting, the antique lights shivering together in the snow, and everything about the flocks of telephones.

Implications - Animals have a special place for most consumers because they each represent specific virtues. For example, owls embody wisdom and rabbits embody patience. Consumers want to be reminded of the virtues that constitute a remarkable human being. Whether it be through animalized products or another means, companies should seek out opportunities to remind consumers of noble virtues.