LG Develops an OLED Panel that Can Be Rolled Up Like a Poster

 - Jul 15, 2014
References: lgdisplay & mashable
Watching television will never be the same when the flexible TV displays from LG are officially released. The OLED panels are so malleable that they can be rolled up tightly like a poster to a radius of just 1.2 inches without affecting the display at all. Not only does this have exciting possibilities in terms of portability, but the design of television sets can be reinterpreted as well.

The Korean electronic manufacturer's flexible TV displays are expected to be put into technology as soon as 2017. Although flexible TV displays are been around for years, this ushers in a new level of quality. Measuring 18 inches, it comes with 1,200 x 800 resolution. One of the LG OLED panels is also transparent, which gives people to ability to see objects through them.