Flavo{u}r 21's Flavored Spice Blends Make Home-Cooked Meals Exciting

 - Feb 6, 2014
References: laurasanttini & deandeluca
You'll be dying to hit the kitchen and cook to your heart's content with these flavored spice blends waiting for you.

So get ready to transport your senses and bring restaurant quality cuisine with a home-cooked touch to your table with the new line of flavored spice blends from Flavo{u}r 21.

Created by chef and flavor expert Laura Santtini, who grew up in an Italian family of chefs, the new Flavo{u}r 21 products are prettily packaged and are sure to taste divine. Just add a little bit of Seasoner to grilled fish dishes, a dash of Abracadabra for a smoky and spicy kick to your steaks and a touch of Angel Dust to just about anything to get an earthy flavor.