Book a Flight With Flamingo Air for a Quickie in the Sky

If you're looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom, just ditch the bedroom and book a flight with Flamingo Air. For 425 dollars, Flamingo Air will take you and your partner on a one-hour flight where you can just enjoy the scenery or do the nasty.

The full package includes champagne, chocolates, and as they put it a "very discreet pilot." The only thing separating the pilot and the couples is a little curtain. Luckily, he has headphones on and must focus on flying the aircraft. Couples even have the option of choosing their flight pattern depending on what they want to see.

One couple actually came back to Flamingo Air nine months later to show them their new baby, which was conceived at 5280 feet above the ground. That kid will have quite the story to tell.