Fjällräven Helps You Brave the Cold While Looking Fashionable

 - May 28, 2014
Originally introduced in 1960 as an innovative brand of expedition-style backpacks that lightened equipment loads for mountain voyagers, the Swedish-born brand Fjällräven has evolved over the decades into a world-famous line of technical gear, including: apparel, bags, tents and outerwear.

Known for its ability to keep one dry and warm in the cold, Fjällräven gives outdoor performance wear competitors, like Canada Goose, a run for their money with its fashion-conscious designs, slim silhouettes, brave color palettes and lightweight fabrics, all offered at more affordable price points.

Not to forget, that the brand's iconic Kånken rucksack, which is now available in more style and color options than ever before, has been loved by children and adults alike since its initial debut in 1978.

Continuing to expand and gain recognition worldwide, the Fjällräven Spring 2014 catalog can been seen in the collection preview above. As one of the leading outdoor-lifestyle brands on the market, this release of new gear from Fjällräven is sure to be a hit with professional trekkers and lovers of the great outdoors alike.