Fist First Clothing is Cotton Candy Punk Couture for the Boys

Cotton Candy Punk Couture is known for outlandish, bright, bold and one-of-a-kind handmade cocktail dresses and women's formal wear, but by popular demand Cotton Candy Punk has finally branched out into casual menswear: Fist First Clothing.

In this first shoot for Fist First, we take on Sin City with edge reminiscent of classic Vegas style. While not skimming on the personality, these handmade men's dress shirts hold true to the original punk rocker style synonymous with Cotton Candy Punk Couture.

Fist First Clothing and Cotton Candy Punk Couture -- and up-and-coming designer Lil Linus -- are looking for investors and media exposure. These trends are already making waves in fashion communities. Jump on the band wagon!