This Fishing Hook Doesn't Catch Fish That are Too Small or Too Big

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: core77
While this is not a new device, the design of this fishing hook is award-worthy, lending to lessons to be learned from this old tool and integrated into new ones. This ingenious design was and still is used by Native Americans in Alaska to fish for Halibut.

This fishing hook solved the problem of safety, sustainable fishing and efficiency all in one tool. Catching a fish that was too big would pose a danger in capsizing their canoe. Catching one that was too young was not meal-worthy and didn't allow them to reproduce yet to sustain the fishing population.

Therefore, this tool was designed around the knowledge that Halibut don't nibble but rather try to inhale their food. By creating a particular hook, the mouths of small fish couldn't fit onto the hook with the bait, while those mouths that were too big missed the hook altogether -- leaving only the desired middle-sized fish to be caught.